Monday, July 7, 2014

Project life my way and Viva Las VegaStamps!

I have been thinking about starting project life for some time now but never thought I wanted to stop doing my regular scrapbooking.  What would I do with all my supplies? Would I like it? Was it creative enough? I had alot of questions and then in May I decided to bite the bullet and jump right in and give it a try.

Now I'm not talking about doing the actual "Project Life" with their supplies and everything.  I'm not even going to do mine by the week like most people are doing.  I'm doing project life my way, which I think is going to work good for me!  I may even continue scrapping regular plus do some project life pages, I'm a rebel like that.

Here is what I did:

1.  I went out and bought some pocket pages (the ones I got were by We R Memory Keepers) and I also got the We R Memory Keepers 3 x 4 paper punch so I could start using my own papers because I have a ridiculously large stash of papers, like it's obscene... and I also got a few pages by Kaiser Craft that had some awesome 3 x 4 cards on it as well as some sticker packs.  I already use 3 ring binders so I didn't have to purchase a new one.

The first thing that sucked was that the We R Memory Keepers 3 x 4 punch would not unlock.  Yep, the first step is to unlock the damn thing which it would not do. I took it back to the store the next day and the other two ladies who worked at the store could not unlock it either.  They also pulled the other 3 off the shelf and tried unlocking them and nope, it was a no go.  So I got my money back and decided from here on in, until they make an easier punch, I will just cut them myself and if I want rounded corners I have a super easy mini corner rounder.  I would love to know if anyone else has this punch and how it's working for them because I really, really wanted it to work!!

2.  I also got a plastic storage tub from Walmart so that I could fill it up with precut cards, making my life easier.  The tub I got fits the little 3 x 4 cards on the one side and the larger 4 x 6 cards on the other so I was quite happy with this!  It also came with a lid so if you are worried about dust you can seal it up.
 After losing hours of my life online searching Pinterest and other sites for project life ideas and tips I was now ready to make my title page!! 

The first thing I did was to place my plastic pocket page on my scrap table and stare at it.  Then I decided what I would do first is to find the cards I wanted to use and then add my pictures to it.  The next step was to place my stamps and any embellishments I wanted to use on the cards so I could see how it would look before making anything permanent.
Once I was happy with how things looked I then stamped and glued and here is my finished title page for project life my way!

Here are some closeups
I used a white sharpie to color in the hexagon squares!
I used 6 fabulous stamps for this page and they were the set of two hands pointing (I used only the one hand), the chevron banner, the six hexagon background, the row of stars, the man and woman with hearts stamp and last but not least the victorian flourish

I hope you enjoyed seeing my title page and I am really looking forward doing more of this project life style scrapping!!

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