Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun with my new Gelli plate and Viva Las VegaStamps!

I finally got myself a Gelli plate and had some fun with it!  I'm still a total novice when it comes to using the Gelli plate as this is my first project but I had fun and got messy none the less!  I started off by squirting 3 different colors of bright paint onto my Gelli plate and using my brayer to put the colors all over the plate
Then I laid the Gelli plate down onto my clean page and with my hand smoothed it down to get the paint to transfer.  As you can see by the circles I also used some stencils with black paint.
I also used more stencils with different colors of paint directly onto my Gelli plate and then transferred the plate onto the page again.  At one point I put white paint onto my Gelli plate and then lightly drew some squiggles and then transferred it onto the page, I thought that was kind of neat!
Here is my finished journal page:
 I love the bright fun colors and loved playing with the Gelli plate! Here are some close ups

The Viva Las VegaStamps! stamps I used for this project were the hitchhiker stamp, the row of stars, the star pin, the not all who wander are lost, on the flip side and the chevrons.

I hope you enjoyed my journal page and until next time,

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Joy Atkinson said...

That is awesome! I just bought a gelli plate but haven't had time to use it yet.


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