Sunday, November 23, 2014

Feeling the Zen!

I was given a copy of a book by Meera Lee Patel called Daily Zen doodles 365 Tangle Creations for Inspiration, Relaxation and Mindfulness by Ulysses Press for my honest review of the book.

 A YEAR'S WORTH OF "TANGLED DRAWINGS" DESIGNED TO INSPIRE CREATIVITY AND SERENITY.  With hand illustrated prompts and thoughtful quotes, Daily Zen Doodles will inspire you to lose yourself in the contemplative act of drawing. Each page is an invitation to sketch, relax, focus and reach toward inner peace.

What I love about this book is that I leave it out on the table and when I feel like doodling I can pick it up and do as many or as little as time allows.  It frees the mind and takes you back to feeling like a kid again where there is no right and wrong in art, just doodling.  The book is small enough to even fit into your purse or briefcase so you can doodle whenever the mood strikes!

I loved the examples at the beginning of the book, especially that wolf on page 8 - stunning!!! I decided to get out my pen and try a couple of my own.  Here is my first one from page 35 (I went in no particular order, just flipped until I found one that I felt inspired to doodle on!) that I had fun doing - a sun.
 After I got warmed up I then flipped to page 79 and did this cloud
If you like to doodle and want to try your hand at "zentangles" then you would probably like this.  I like that there was a starting point on each page with a very simple outlined drawing that was for you to complete with the doodling.

Thank you Ulysses Press for this complimentary book and for letting me try my hand at the Daily Zen doodles!

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