Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love my Sid Dickens display!!!

Since we moved this past summer I am finally getting things the way I want them.  We purchased a wall unit that is in 3 different pieces from two different retailers and it was perfect for displaying my tiles!!! I have mostly Sid Dickens tiles but I have also discovered a love for Cedar Mountain Studios art blocks and of course signs (John says I'm sign crazy!) haha I also have some more tiles in a few other places in the house but here is my display in the livingroom
Forgive the grainy pic as I took it with my iphone...4.... that says it all right?? haha  I also love the industrial chic metal number "3" and ampersand... What does the 3 mean you ask? It's for my birthday!! I am hoping to add an aquarium to this wall display next year so I'll keep you posted!  Thanks for stopping by!

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