Saturday, June 13, 2015

Art journal page

I had fun making this art journal page and took pictures along the way as what it originally started out looking like and what it ended up looking like are two different things.

First of all here is my finished journal spread
and here is my page before as I like to use up my inky stencils and stamps on blank pages
 and here I took my Gelli Plate and covered it with a pretty blue paint, then took my little took and made scribbles into it (lightly of course!!)
 I liked how it looked so I did both sides

 Then I took some beige paint and painted it here and there
 Then I took some orange and purple paint, wierd combination I know, as well as took white spray paint and sprayed it thick and let it drip on the left side, and spray painted a stencil on the right side.
 I'm obsessed with stencils and I loved this deer so I used black spray paint and put him on the left side and then again used some black spray paint to do the letters on the right side.
 I added some stamps as well as little yellow circles of sheet music, which I didn't like and promptly covered up as you will see below!
 Yes the yellow circles were horrid.  I used some tape and taped it onto the top of the left side as well as some camo tape on the right side, it's looking better now!
 I was kind of loving the tape and I've had it kicking around for YEARS so I also added some floral tape!
 Because I was on a tape roll I grabbed some washi tape and put that on as well.  I also found a tag (it's the door) that I had saved off a shirt I bought and glued that on as well as some other little embellies and here you have the finished journal spread again.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how this all came together.  That's what I love about journaling, if you start out with something and it's not working for you, just pile more things on and you can end up with something you love! Plus it adds layers and dimension to your pages.  Have a great day!

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