Sunday, August 23, 2015

Scrappy Sunday

I totally suck at blogging. I used to be so good, so faithful, and now it's just so sporadic. I don't even know if anyone even comes here to read it anymore! haha

In the event that someone is actually here, all I have to share today, like usual, are some project life layouts that I have done.  I know, I suck!!  I will say that I am finally done scrapping our vacay and that feels goooood!!

Here is a layout about visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, beautiful place!

 This next one is about our shopping trips, so much fun!!
 and of course I had to document our good food!
 This was a tribute to a watering hole we found that served beer (hard to find in Abu Dhabi unless you go to a restaurant) and we went there. A lot. haha!
 This one is just to remember hanging around and enjoying the pool and relaxing with the family.
 That concludes the Middle East vacay and now I scrapped our Def Leppard concert that we went to in April, it was amazing!!!!!!! Love those guys!!! They still have it and it totally took me back to my teen years!
Have a great day and a great week.


Marit said...

I'm still here, I'm still blogging and I'm still visiting blogs/you Glenda! So you didn't blog for 'no-one'... I'm a faithfull reader! I love the 'shopping' and the 'Def lepard' pages... awesome! Enjoy your day dear one!

Allie said...

I still visit your blog! I love your PL pages and how they still have your distinct style. Have a great week!


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