Monday, September 7, 2015

Art journal pages and some Project Life!

I finally did a couple art journal pages and it felt good!!! It's been so long!! This one has a quote so it's my entry for the Three Muses challenge this week which is "Freestyle/Quote".

and this one has lyrics to a song I love, "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart
It felt good to journal again!!! Here are some of my project life pages as well
and last but not least (loving these cards)
I'm only a few months behind, not bad eh? haha

I bought a new set of Project Life cards from Michaels this weekend and it was called "Picturesque Edition" and I wish I would have known that the best cards were shown on the box, but there were a ton of blah cards inside. I got it for 50% off but I'm still not thrilled with it, it's my least favorite Project Life kit. So keep that in mind and try googling to see the whole set before you buy, that's what I should have done! Big Dummy!! haha

Other exciting news is my fishtank has finally cycled!! Can I have an halleluja?? Halleluja!!!!!!!! Not sure how many of you guys are aquariusts but if you are then you will know the thrill I'm having! haha I have a 75 gallon tank and so far it has 6 guppies, 4 corys and a red tailed shark.  I cannot wait to get more fish!!! I'll try to take a picture to post next time.

Have a great week everyone!


indybev said...

Thanks for sharing your journal art! Well done.

Marit said...

'Forever young' is a song by Bob Dylan... in fact one of my faves, so I thought Rod Steward maybe covered it but the lyrics are different... I don't know the Rod Steward song (as far as I know, I will look it up on youtube and may recognize it when I hear it... that happens sometime, ha!) Anyway, your journal pages are fabulous! Glad you're enjoying art journaling again. YOur Project life pages are great too, so many precious memories go in there!

Tess Davis said...

Glenda! How are ya? I am trying to get myself back to crafting and blogging and all that jazz. My mojo has taken a serious hike! Just stoppin by to see some of your recent work :) Fab as always!! ♥


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