Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey there

I'm back with not a lot other than a few project life layouts and some work funnies!
This will be me tomorrow. For sure.haha!

Alrighty then... enough funnies (but not really.. my soul really has had to struggle to stay alive) and onto the project life layouts I've done.  This was about our garage sale from the summer, good Lord... what you gotta do to get some  people to part with a dollar!! So glad it's over!! haha
 And June... still loving documenting by the month. Of course my horrid memory has something to do with this!  Really loving the fun bright colors and especially the Project Life cards like the cat in shades and smiley face!!
 And hello summer!!!
That's about all I have, too much work and not enough time to play. :( How about  you, has your scrapping/creating been decreased for whatever reason?

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