Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yes I'm still alive!

I just noticed how long it's been since I've blogged, wow! I got my issue of the Somerset Studio Art Journaling Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 magazine and am proud to say I'm featured on pages 64-68!! I love this magazine!!
I have also been on a concert run lately and was lucky enough to have won a meet and greet with Bret Michaels!
how cool is that right?? The hubs and I also saw Judas Priest on halloween night and Styx this past weekend! Rock on!!

Here are some project life layouts I've done and I really, really need to do some more art journal pages and ATC's... never enough time.

The hubs and I also saw Journey in concert in July, amazing!!!
 July in a nutshell!
 Life is good!
 Tribute to summer planting!
 Documenting movies I love!
Well that's about it for now and hopefully next time I will be blogging a lot sooner and also have some art journal pages or ATC's to share! Have a wonderful week!

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Marit said...

Good to see you're still alive and kickin' Glenda! LOVE to look at all the photos and images on your pages. Congrats with the publication, it's nice to 'sit beside you' in the same magazine ;)


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