Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good words are worth much and cost little

Good words are worth much and cost little - George Herbert.

I love using words in my ATC's so today I would like to share a series having fun with words and Viva Las VegaStamps!!  This first ATC is called "dress for rain" using the ever lovely lady swimsuit back (isn't she gorgeous???)
and the  small cloud stamp
This next ATC is called "hot stuff" and I used the vampire or kisser stamp, isn't it hot??
and last but not least I had fun with this ATC called "high fashion" using the barrel lady, quarter of bullseye/target , row of stars, brick background and the solid star in circle (yes, 5 stamps on this little bitty ATC!!!)
and here is a close up to show the embossing I did on the brick background and quarter bullseye/target:
I also love how the gold stars just pop on that inky background! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my projects and I would love to hear which of these 3 ATC's was your favorite!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You are here

Hi there, Glenda here with an art journal page using a bunch of VLVS stamps as well as WOW embossing powder.  After that last swap we had I just can't stop embossing!!! haha Here is my art journal page using the showgirl with baton, you are here, line of chevrons, mason jar, waybill/invoice background, feather silhouette, row of stars, tape, solid star in circledouble coffee ring stains and another one I can't find at the moment (is it a bee or a fly, I'll let you decide!)
 This is what my page looked like to start with as I love cleaning it off after using stamps, I hate to waste ink and great images!
Then I added paint, washi tape and embossed the feather onto the page using WOW pure gold embossing powder.  I also put the mason jar onto the page and cut out the inside so the words "you are here" would show through.
and because I often get lost in the process and forget to take pictures, that now leaves us at the close ups to see the embossing and stampy goodness
 Love that silver embossing with the waybill/invoice background!!

I hope you enjoyed my journal page and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Christmas in March!

haha, ok not really, it's just that I finished scrapping (project life'ing) my Christmas pics! Here are 4 spreads I did for Christmas:

Most of these papers were by Kaiser Craft but you know what I did? I did something crazy! I decided I don't care if I have all of my papers/cards arranged by manufacturer anymore. Why? There are hardly any magazines around that pub now so who really cares if I keep track of who made this stuff.

On Pinterest I came across a pin (sorry can't remember where) of someone who arranged their project life cards by color, theme, etc.. so that's what I did! It has made things a WHOLE lot easier and I love it.  I have sections for color, seasons/holidays, travel, gold/silver, kraft, months, celebrations, etc. and now instead of madly rifling through a zillion cards (because like when I scrapped I am now collecting and hoarding cards...) I can find what I want when I want it.  Love it.

How about you? How do you arrange your project life stuff? Are you doing a project life style or still standar scrapping?


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