Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Victoria Day Canada!

I'm enjoying my day even though it's cold and crappy out! I was able to make a couple more ATC's (could I be on a roll??)

It's funny, I saw Madonna's performance at the Billboard awards doing a tribute to Prince and all I could think of was "meh"... for one I was confused as to why she was covering "nothing compares to U", I thought she would have done a Prince song? And her recent shananigans with her dressing like she's in her twenties still and flashing that poor girl on stage just brought to mind that song by Trooper called "3 dressed up as a 9" so I had to do the ATC. That was my inspiration behind this card. I do like Madonna but I'm pissed about all the reports that she has been leaving fans waiting for hours at her concerts, like be on time!! How hard should that be?? I've been to many concerts and they have been big names like Alice Cooper, John Mellancamp, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Judas Pries, etc.. and they have ALL been on time!!  Hmm... could I be a teller of unpopular truths???? haha

Ok I'm done with my rant. Here is a pic of my vegetables and plants getting hardened off, the big plant is this Saturday!!
More pics to come! Have a great day!

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