Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sketchy Stories

I was given this book for my honest opinion and review, it's called Sketchy Stories by Kerby Rosanes
If you love sketches, doodles and whimsical drawings then you are in for a real treat! This little book is hardcover and the drawings are on cream colored pages.  Some are on one page and some take up two pages, but they are all amazing! The detail and imagination in these drawings is incredible.

A common theme in Kerby's sketches seems to be animals and a lot of the drawings have hidden images within them.  One of my favorites from the book is this one called "Coronation"
Isn't that amazing?? I keep looking at it and seeing new things every time! Kerby's style reminds me a little of "DoodleArt", remember those? I loved coloring them when I was a kid. 

Kerby is from the Phillipines and specializes in black ink doodles and sketches.  He has over a million followers as well as other books.  You can see more about his book Here

Thank you to the publisher for sending me this whimsical book in return for my review!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Loving June!

The weather has finally been nice and I have now planted all of my garden beds!! Now the waiting begins, will I be able to grow stuff?? I will keep you posted! I did transplant the Coleus I grew from seed into a planter that is in the front yard, it was soooo easy to grow and is gorgeous!
and I found some gorgeous flowers at Rona that I put into pots as well (will have to  post pics of those another time, need to upload them still! lol!)
I did a few layouts and will post them before heading out into the backyard to tend to my garden!

Here is one I did on what I love about our house, this was super fun to do!
 and the hubs and I saw Chilliwack in concert, soooo good!!! Love all their songs!!
 and in this one I journalled about getting all my hair chopped off... would I do it again? Ask me when it grows past my shoulders again! haha It's been a journey for sure.
Have a fabulous Sunday everyone!


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