Sunday, June 5, 2016

Loving June!

The weather has finally been nice and I have now planted all of my garden beds!! Now the waiting begins, will I be able to grow stuff?? I will keep you posted! I did transplant the Coleus I grew from seed into a planter that is in the front yard, it was soooo easy to grow and is gorgeous!
and I found some gorgeous flowers at Rona that I put into pots as well (will have to  post pics of those another time, need to upload them still! lol!)
I did a few layouts and will post them before heading out into the backyard to tend to my garden!

Here is one I did on what I love about our house, this was super fun to do!
 and the hubs and I saw Chilliwack in concert, soooo good!!! Love all their songs!!
 and in this one I journalled about getting all my hair chopped off... would I do it again? Ask me when it grows past my shoulders again! haha It's been a journey for sure.
Have a fabulous Sunday everyone!

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