Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Finally some ATC's....

Hi, anyone who reads this blog knows how sporadic it is... it's funny because it seems like a lot of people have lost their mojo. I remember the days of numerous scrap magazines (are there any even in print anymore???), scrap celebs, the big scrap conventions where there would be a shitload of new products that we all felt compelled to buy.. and now I look at my art room and think holy shit woman, what the hell are you going to do with all this stuff???  How about you, has your mojo taken a nosedive? Do you still create the same volume?

Granted I still scrap, but in the project life format, so a lot of the embellishments, stickers, etc.. I can still use but I also have a bunch of other stuff that I can't.  I put some in the garage sale last summer and now have a bunch of scrap magazines and books that will be going to the Sally Ann this week. It feels good to declutter.

I still do art journaling and ATC's but not on the level I was at for sure.  Since I'm not on any DT's I don't feel pressured to make stuff so I mainly don't! haha BUT... this week I did do 3 ATC's (hold on to your hats I know!!)

It did feel good but I also felt quite rusty!! haha Here are some more project life layouts as well.  This one is just some random pics:
 This one is from the Headpins & Holly Woods/Toronto concert we went to:
 February was lovely!
 And last but not least this one was from the Trooper concert we went to.
Well, I'm going to go back to my art table and try to do an art journal page now, wish me luck!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Long time no see!!

Yes I'm still alive and I totally suck at blogging!! I can't believe it's been over 2 months... I really don't have much to report other than I will be starting a garden this year, yay!!! Also I ordered an essential oil diffuser and cannot wait to get it!!!! Does anyone have a diffuser and if so thoughts? I'll post a pic of mine when it comes which should be this week!

I have been busy keeping up with my project life and when I was in Calgary last month I was at Winners and they had a bunch of kits on for $19 (I know right???) so I splurged and bought these 4:
I went to IKEA while I was there as I also needed more storage bins to hold all my cards that I have amassed, it's crazy!! haha Here are the containers I use:
 and my work table:
I have told myself I am not allowed to buy any more cards but we'll see how that goes! haha Since I have a shitload of cards it's only right that I should be actually  using them right?? Here are the layouts I've done:

I can honestly say I'm still loving this way of scrapping.  It is fun, easy, quick and you can spend as little or as much time as you want doing it. 

I also actually did a couple journal pages too!

I'm hoping to do some ATC's soon as it's been so long!!

I had a couple pubs which was exciting! I had 2 ATC's in the "Stamping All Year Long" book published by RubberStampMadness on Pg. 35 & 59
as well as an ATC on pg. 51 in the Spring 2016 RubberStampMadness
Well that's about it, I think it's time for me to head outside and enjoy some of this fabulous sunshine we are having at this time of year! Have a great week everyone!


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